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tim wallick

have added you to this site



Hey guys--Hope your busy! Any comments regarding the volume of Sirius sales? Guessing the year end projections?(are what expected or you think numbers of "over 3 million subs" going to be blown out?) Are the sales general normal gift holiday or more Howard effect involved?
Any shortages out there you see?


The sales seem to be much higher than expected. Also about 80% of the people buying are Howard Stern fans or are buying for Stern fans. And those fans are going to great lengths to listen. I think in my personal sense the 3 million mark has been past at least a week ago. Maybe we're looking at 3.5-5 million subscriber by the end of January, this purely my estimate.


Taylor, thanks for the info on sales and thanks for your cool store! Could you give us a sense of what radios are selling the most? Without prying could you tell us what % this year sale are different then last years? I am an investor and your input is very helpful. Thanks again

tim wallick

you guys rock,looks like sales are brisk.........hope the delay has not cost you to much....

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